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Welcome to Parkcenter Montessori and Montessori Academy in Eagle. Since 1998, our schools have been providing quality preschool and elementary school programs for families living in the Boise area. At our schools, you’ll find exceptional teachers and curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment where children learn, play and explore.

Our program closely follows the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, who held that school should be an extension of the home in preparing students to become responsible members of society. Children receive individualized and group instruction in an atmosphere of cooperation and non-competitiveness. Our emphasis on academics encourages young children to relate to the world around them and develop a love of learning.

In our elementary grades, students explore the realms of mathematics, science, technology, literature, history, economics, anthropology and the basic organization of human societies. Our well-rounded curriculum includes art, Spanish, music and physical education. Students leave our school as caring and confident achievers, well prepared for continued growth in the classroom, and beyond.

Our schools are MSAC/AMS accredited.